Allan Morrow – Driving Trance Kick & Bass Ableton Live 9 Project

Driving Trance Kick & Bass Ableton Live 9 Project

This project file will give you an in-depth view on how a pro sounding driving Trance Kick & Bass is put together, how the layers are Eq’ed, effects used, levelling, sidechain compression, sound choice & more!

Included in the template:

  • Full Ableton Live 9 project file
  • Midi files
  • Audio Files
  • Sylenth Synth presets
  • 3rd party software synths used:
  • Sylenth1

*All of the other plugins and effects used are built in Ableton Live 9 plugins*


Sylenth 1 v3.0.3 or higher.

Ableton Live 9.7.5 or higher.

Why will this help?

Kick and Bass is an area of production that most people tend to struggle with. This template will give you a great insight into getting that professional sound without over-complicating the process. For more tutorials & templates check here. 

You can also check out the sounds created in the tutorials here


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