Allan Morrow – Driving Trance Kick & Bass Ableton Live 9 Project

Driving Trance Kick & Bass Ableton Live 9 Project

This project file will give you an in-depth view on how a pro sounding driving Trance Kick & Bass is put together, how the layers are Eq’ed, effects used, levelling, sidechain compression, sound choice & more!

Included in the template:

  • Full Ableton Live 9 project file
  • Midi files
  • Audio Files
  • Sylenth Synth presets
  • 3rd party software synths used:
  • Sylenth1

*All of the other plugins and effects used are built in Ableton Live 9 plugins*


Sylenth 1 v3.0.3 or higher.

Ableton Live 9.7.5 or higher.

Why will this help?

Kick and Bass is an area of production that most people tend to struggle with. This template will give you a great insight into getting that professional sound without over-complicating the process. For more tutorials & templates check here. 

You can also check out the sounds created in the tutorials here


Customer Reviews

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Ableton template

Driving trance kick and bass template is simple but perfectly set up for kick and bass. Well worth money

Andrew Madden
A must have

This project file is what finally taught me how to build a solid trance bass after about a million failed attempts. It allows you to separate each layer and hear what part it plays in making up the final sound. Get the whole thing up on an analyser and see how the sub and kick fit together, honestly I could go on about it for ages - but I won’t! Just trust me and get hold of this, it will help you massively with perfecting a killer bass!!

Trance Kick & Bass Allan Morrow – Driving T...