AM Studios – Sylenth1 Trance Bass Presets

  • Are you tired of always having to jump between different banks to listen to a particular sound?
  • Are you looking for bass patch inspiration?
  • Do you want a soundbank dedicated to just solid bass sounds?
  • Are you looking for bass sounds dedicated to Trance?
  • Do you want the bass sounds Allan Morrow uses in a lot of his tracks?
  • Do you want a soundbank that will save you heaps of time?

Welcome to the AM Studios Sylenth1 Trance Bank!

Have you been looking for the perfect Sylenth1 Trance Soundbank for just bass sounds? Having a soundbank full of one particular sound can really save you time, as switching from bank to bank can make you lose your creativity and workflow! In this bank, you will find 31 x stunning presets ready to put into your tracks, tweak until your heart is content, or give you inspiration for creating your own bass sounds.

Why not use the presets as a learning opportunity? Studying them and reverse engineering them will help you understand what each parameter does.

You could even use these presets to build a full track around if you are inspired by some of the sounds!

What does the Sylenth1 Trance Soundbank include?

31 x Massive Sylenth1 Trance Bass Presets. I have included all the different types of basses I use in my tracks as per below:

  • 7 x Trance Bass Drones
  • 4 x Trance Grit Basses
  • 14 x Trance Mid Basses
  • 6 x Trance Sub Basses


Sylenth1 – Please note this bank was created with Sylenth1  v3.0.5 – This bank may not work with versions below this so please check compatibility before purchasing.


Grab your copy right away and start making some huge bass lines! 

For more tutorials, soundbanks and templates head back to our store here – AM Studios Store.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Versatile bass soundbank

Great sounding patches. Diverse styles of rolling/ offbeat / driving bass sounds available. Love it.

All in one Box...

I´ve purchased a lot of stuff from AM Studios and I can recommend most of it.
These pack is perfect for your Trance-production, because it makes the workflow a lot easier to create your bass section with a lot of good presets in one pack.
And 10 bucks…? Come one…get it

Epic soundbank as always!

Very helpfull to make proper basslines in uplifting & tech trance 😊
Gona use they for my incoming tracks 😊

Trance Bass Presets

Great set of basses for Sylenth , especially the mid basses. There are many sounds to layer together and experiment with. Although it's a smaller bank of 31 presets, all of the presets are usable unlike some of the other banks on the market. These presets are pretty much the bread and butter of what you need for sub and mid bass lines. Immensely useful presets at a very affordable price.

Purchased this bass soundbank very happy indeed

I have purchased all 3 soundbanks from AM Studios for sylenth, the bass banks have got inspiring sounds, the drone is really good for sylenth, i do love the midbass sounds as you can play with the filter cutoff and adsr to tweak to your liking, as well as reverb etc, point is they sound great out of the box or as a starting point to enhance and have real fun. Highly recommend and for less than ĺŁ10 a real bargain.

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