Trance MIDI pack – 200 x Trance MIDI patterns

  • Struggle with inspiration for your Trance tracks?
  • Tired of using the same patterns in your tracks?
  • Want to see how different Trance MIDI patterns are created?
  • Want to spark new ideas from looking at MIDI patterns?


Welcome to the AM Studios Trance MIDI Pack!

It is actually amazing what you can learn from looking at pieces of MIDI. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words, and this is the same, especially if you struggle with knowing how Trance patterns are created.

Ever been stuck with getting ideas down for your track? Pull one of these MIDI files in, and see how quickly something comes to you!

The pack contains 200 x MIDI files ready to use or modify in your productions. All have been crafted to suit all styles of Trance music from Uplifting Trance, Tech Trance, Progressive Trance, Psy Trance & More.

Each MIDI has its own unique styles, velocities, & progressions for different grooves and sounds. Experiment by layering them up or even use the patterns for a part of a Trance Melody, Trance Bass, Intro Pluck or Trance Acid. The possibilities are endless!


What does the 200 x Trance MIDI Pack include?


50 x Arp midi files.

  • 34 x Trance Arp MIDI
  • 9 x Trance Arp Progressions MIDI
  • 7 x Trance Arp Stabs MIDI

50 x Bass midi files.

  • 23 x Trance Bass Midi
  • 7 x Trance Sustained Progression Basses/Drones
  • 12 x Trance Progression Basses
  • 8 x Trance Bass Midi (inc swing notes)

50 x Pluck midi files.

  • 20 x Trance Pluck Progressions
  • 30 x Trance Plucks (Intro Plucks, Harmonies, Counter Plucks etc)

50 x Acid MIDI files.

  • 50 x Trance Acids (Stabs, Riffs, Progressions, Arps & Unique Patterns)



These Midi files will work in any DAW of your choice.


Grab your copy right away, get inspired and start making some music! 

For more tutorials, soundbanks and templates head back to our store here – AM Studios Store.


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