Logic Pro X Trance Template & Tutorial Video

See exactly how I have my channels and buses set up to start a track very fast!

A template with buses already routed and channels already created can save you a lot of time and help keep the creative juices flowing. This template doesn’t have sounds included already but has been created so that you can use it as an organized platform for you to get straight to work on your tracks!

Look at it as though you have turned up to a job to build a house, and all the tools are already laid out for you, ready to use. No routing through the van to find that special measuring equipment!


The template includes:

– Channels set up and named for over 80 elements
– Elements grouped into categories including bass, acid, leads, fx & more
– Parallel compression routing
– Midi regions created for quick sampler imports
– Channels coloured for ease of use
– FX buses routed & ready to customise


The 1 hour+ video includes:

– How to set up all of the above so that you know where everything is and how it’s routed.

The tutorial is done using only Logic Pro X plugins, although all of the techniques used should translate into any DAW of your choice!



Logic Pro X v10.3 or higher


For more tutorials, check them out here.

Customer Reviews

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manfred stutter
Hi at all Producers :)

With this Template is so realy nice to make my tracks I have Only change the default Sounds for the Template with my Sounds :9
But i can work much faster with this amazing Thing you have all in in this Template. Thank You to ALLAN MORROW nice work
Stay Healthy

greg poole
Perfect tool to get started

This is the perfect tool to use to get started when you want to get your music down quickly and keep the creative juices flowing, I was hesitant at first because I thought it may be a shortcut but there’s no audio in there it’s just the basic channels laid out and set up so you can get straight into what matters. Also as a beginner it’s helped me understand how some channels should be set up, amazing tool and I highly recommend it to anyone, thanks Allan

Daniel Groombridge
Tech trance bundle

would be the best tutorials i've come across. Its great to see the whole process and very informative. I got it at a discounted rate but would still have been happy had i paid full price.

Wes White
Logic Pro X Template

It's great to have everything setup and ready, leaving more time to actually produce. Most of the channels are really useful, however it's a shame that the effects busses aren't quite the same as the tutorial series.

Adrie Judd
All top quality templates, sound and midi packs and tutorials

Bought quite a lot from am studios. All of them are top quality and I intend to buy as many as I can..

trance template Allan Morrow – Logic Pro...


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