Trance – Quick Start Template for Ableton Live 10 & 11 Suite 

Having a template with buses & groups already routed and channels already created can save you a lot of time and help keep the creative juices flowing. This template will allow you to open and start creating a track straight away without the stress of wondering where to start. This Ableton 10 & 11 Trance template does not have any sounds already loaded, it is simply there for you to quickly get started by having all your groups and channels ready to start working on.

I have even included a really useful effects rack on each channel that will speed up your workflow even more!

Look at it as though you have turned up to a job to build a house and all the tools are already laid out for you ready to use. No routing through the van to find the right tools to get started.


The Trance template in Ableton includes:

  • Gain staging effects rack loaded on each channel.
  • Headroom for channels already set up.
  • Channels set up and named for over 50 elements.
  • Channels grouped into categories including percussion, bass, acid, leads, pads, plucks, melody, fx & more.
  • Parallel compression routing.
  • Midi regions created for quick sampler imports.
  • Channels colour coded for ease of use.
  • FX buses routed & ready to customise.


The video includes:

  • An overview of the whole template and why it is set up like it is.

The template is created only with Ableton 10 Suite Plugins.


Does this work in Ableton Live 11?

Yes, this template has been tested in Ableton Live 11 suite and works fine.



Ableton Live 10+11 Suite – Please note this may not open in your version of Ableton unless it is this version or above in Ableton Suite. Please check before purchasing

Want this to work in Ableton Live Standard? – Customers have got this to work in standard by removing the Echo plugin and then re-authorising Ableton. You are then able to use this in standard without the Echo Plugin (This could easily be replaced with any delay of your choice.) once you save the template as a new version. 


Check out the full start to finish Trance Production course here…

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Steven Taylor
5 Stars

Very nice to start its clean its intuitive, great way to get you ready for a track.

Ball of moon
The best quick template

Excellent work, it helped me a lot to relieve production hours with this template my musical process is faster 10/10

a great help

this template is very useful, it helped me a lot and simplified my work, it allows you to focus doubt on the production, very good!!!

Great starting point

I love how this template is built, groups, subgroups and even color codes for each group make navigation easily.
It works on Live 10 Standard, just remove the echo from one of the send channels and replace it with a delay or a vst of your choice.

It even has a few midi patterns for kick, subs and others.

Haluso Music
Game changer!

This has really helped me, I have been producing techno for many years with a number both vinyl and digital releases under my belt. I have tamed my sound of late. Basically this template helps you clean each channel before it goes to the master , my issue coming from making techno was too much bass, the high pass filter one each track helped me remove any bass from channels that didn’t contribute musically to the track. It’s basically solved a problem for me and that was Adding to much bass to elements and it was soaking up space in the mix. Thank you Allan! (Your name actually means “Out” in welsh! )

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