Trance Music Production Course (1-2-1 Studio & Online Sessions with Allan Morrow)

Looking to get some professional & affordable help with your Trance Music productions? Then this is the right Trance Music Production Course for you!

We all know how difficult production can sometimes be, so if you are stuck… then why not seek some help? I have taught many clients, at all levels, all over the globe. My goal is to provide clients with an in-depth view on how to make Trance music at a professional level via online or in the studio. All sessions 1-2-1 only so you will receive my full attention and focus on your goals.

How the Trance Music Production Courses work

Each session via online or in the studio will cater to what you want to learn. You may want to learn about certain elements of Trance Music Production such as Kick & Bass or Melody & Pads. You may want to watch me work on a track I’m working on, why you take notes and ask questions. Or you may have projects of your own that you may want help with.

The sessions are all about what you want to learn and are adapted to suit you, your level and your Trance Music Production needs, whilst being taught in a friendly environment.

Why AM Studios & Allan Morrow?

With over 10+ years experience, and producing tracks for some of the industries biggest labels (Armada, Blackhole Recording, Borderline Music, Recoverworld, Kearnage Recordings, Mental Asylum Records, Outburst Records, Tytanium Recordings and many more)  I can get you on the right track to achieving your Trance Music production goals.

I have been teaching clients now for over 8+ years, and I am equipped to help people of all levels.

Where the studio is based

AM Studios is based in Worsley, Manchester, UK but all online session are done via online

How to get started

For more information on the 1-2-1 Tuition & Trance Music Production Course including pricing, availability and getting started, please use the contact form below or alternatively use the  contact page to enquire here


gain your confidence back in the studio

Learning how to produce at a professional level will allow you to gain back your confidence in the studio.

speed up your production process

Learn how to overcome issues that producers face every day so you can concentrate on the creative process.

get in-depth feedback on your projects

Get detailed feedback on your projects right down to the individual sound. Learn which elements of your tracks need work to create a more professional sound.

over 10+ years experience

Learn from someone with over 10+ year experience. Tracks signed and supported by the industries biggest artists.


Get a deep understanding of why something is being done with a track and now just how. This will allow you to make better mixing decisions with your own track elements.

sessions built around what you want to learn

Sessions are tailored around what you want to learn.

Want to learn about a particular element of a track? No problem!

Want to see a track made from scratch? No problem!

Want to have your tracks looked over and analysed? No problem!

For more information on 1-2-1 sessions please fill out the form below.

  • If you are currently using a particular DAW please state below.
  • How would you describe your level of production knowledge?

See what AM Studios customers are saying and have achieved…

Brett Mcpherson

After some 1-2-1 sessions and completing one of the Start To Finish – Trance Production Courses, Brett was able to get one of his first tracks signed to a favourite label of his, and hit number 1 in the Beatport Trance release charts!

Amazing work from Brett!

Polzn Bladz

Polzyn was using a tip from one of the tutorials with a multiband compressor, but had accidentally enabled heavy compression on a frequency band and couldn’t understand why he was having mix issues.

Once it was discovered what was holding him back in a 1-2-1 session, it was full steam ahead with a first release from this amazing talent!

James Pound

AM Studios is more than just a website that sells tutorials for me

James is making tremendous strides in the studio after such a short period of time, and is really eager to learn as much as he can!

I see some big things happening for James!

Mark Mulvaney

2 x Tracks signed to arguably one of the biggest labels in the scene after the help of AM Studios and his hard work!

Bright future for Mark!

See what other clients are saying about the 1-2-1 Trance Music Production


“I just finished my first Skype session with Allan, and I could see in just 2 hours what I have been doing wrong with my lead, pluck and pad layering. Seeing how he’s doing things is a giant leap forward for me to get to where I want to be with trance music production. I know all of us will pick up the occasional tip from online videos, but these sessions will show you more than you could imagine. We’ve decided to have him write a track from scratch over the course of our online sessions so I can see the full process in detail from beginning to end. I cannot suggest the AM Studios Skype or in studio sessions enough to anyone looking to get to the next level of their production skills. Allan is a solid guy, easy to talk to and will answer any questions you have during your session. I’m looking forward to the next session and it has renewed my confidence that I will get there with my music through time and practice with the knowledge I’ve gained. Thanks Allan!” – Paul Matthews

“This is one of the best decisions I have done in my life! I have learned a lot until now, Allan knows very well how to explain every doubt you have about trance music production, you can see clearly at every moment of the session what he is doing, you can ask any doubt at any moment, the Skype session always flows nice and well. Time difference doesn’t represent a big deal, wherever you are, Allan always attends you at a convenient time for you. I highly recommend AM Studios to anyone who wants to take his personal trance productions to the next level! Thank, Allan! See you in our next session!”– Jesus Sandoval

“Just finished my first Skype session with Allan. I wanted to go for more advanced stuff, so we did! Allan shared some tips and tricks that I’m sure you won’t find in any youtube tutorial. Will book another session soon, very helpful!” – Paul Alvey

“There can be a massive stigma with getting tuition from pros, almost like an attitude that you have to stress all by yourself, throw the towel in a few times, pull your hair out trying to learn, some people can plod on alone and enjoy the journey of trying stuff picking it up along the way, but some people need help as they don’t have the ability to improvise, if you are one of these people then hit Allan up! Even if you already know your shit still worth a watch, Followed Allan in the scene for a few years now and recently have been using his tutorials, sick off scanning through the net looking at shitty youtube videos? Forums? Then these TUTORIALS via his AM Studios website are for you. Allan doesn’t just show you via a screen what he is doing he also talks you through the process along the way, explaining why he is using certain FX, EQ, processing and so on, mega lucky for a Producer such as Allan to be willing to pass on his knowledge this way, struggling? Then jump on Allan and see how he can help you, Great work.” – Adam Reece

Still not convinced?

Please check out these great reviews from more recent clients here

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Great first 1-2-1 Session

Had a great first session with Allan. Was focused on what my interests and needs were and where I was looking to go as a producer. He was able to provide a good direction to work in which I am really looking forward to completing. In addition he totally was able to provide feedback on aspects that he thought and I wanted to include as we continue working together. I learned a lot in the first session especially about how to be creative, not to get stuck in a loop, how to form the initial concept of the track and why to do certain things first. He also went through a lot about how to write and be creative with writing your melodies, layering pads, sound design with synths, and also how to create movement diversity and interest throughout the track and without having to use so many layers which keeps production clean and each element stands out in its own space. He was able to aswell perfectly work in the time that I had to get across great knowledge and wrap the session up well. Allan definitely has the knowledge of production and understands trance very well while also being a great instructor to hear his clients wants and interests and guide them in the right direction.

I gained a lot more in this first 1-2-1 session and cleared up a lot of things I've been struggling with for a long time which other online resources weren't as effective with for me. Really looking forward to the next sessions!

1-2-1 Session

I had a great session with Allan today.

I asked Allan specifically not to hold back and give me the feedback and advice I need to progress and he was great throughout the session.

We took a deep dive into the foundations of my track and Allan talked me through how to fix the issues I was having but not only did he remedy the problems with me he showed me how I've created them, explained common misconceptions and how to avoid them in the future.

Overall I am really pleased with the session and would highly reccomend them.

Douglas Wells
First session - Immediately Useful

Great first session, looking forward to the follow ups. I told Allan exactly what I was struggling with and he immediately helped to demistify the approach in the style of music I wanted. Some unmediated techniques to make life easier and to add more variety and nuance to my tracks.

daniel watkins
First 121 Session

Great first session with Allan. He made me realise how simple making music after over complicating the process for a great deal of time! I'm looking forward to the next one already!

Frédérick Gagnon
1-2-1 Session

Learning differently! Here`s what is the essence of 1-2-1 sessions. Allan expertise will bring you insights into your production workflow. He contextualizes at each and every steps and help you understand at different level, what makes such element sound "true" with others, relative to your particular sound and track design.

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