Want to know how to make Trance Music? Well, the second bundle is now here! This bundle has the following 5 videos which come to over 8 hours of in-depth tutorials!

Allan Morrow – Trance Arrangement Video Tutorial [2hours]

This Allan Morrow – Trance Arrangement Video Tutorial [2 hours] will show you how to get the right arrangement for your track & show you where is best to introduce your elements.

The video covers:

– Knowing which elements to use in each section
– Referencing & Levelling
– Automation used to create movement in your sections.
– Laying out your breakdown, build-ups, and drops.
– How to introduce elements.

& much, much more!


Allan Morrow – Trance Fills, Builds & Transitions Video Tutorial

This Allan Morrow – Trance Fills, Builds & Transitions Video Tutorial will show you how to make your own fills from samples, how to create more tension in your build-ups & how to make the most out of your impacts!

The video covers:

– Pitching samples to suit your track.
– Create snare rolls & kick rolls.
– EQ, FX & leveling.
– Impact Tricks.
– Automating parameters to create tension.
– Creating your on fills from other fills and samples.
– What elements to use in build-ups to create the most tension.
– EQ automation tricks to create the most impact.

& much, much more!

Allan Morrow – Full Trance Track Mixdown Video Tutorial [Part 1 & 2]

This Allan Morrow – Full Trance Track Mixdown Video Tutorial [ Part 1 & 2 ] will show you how to mix your tracks and make them sound clean, professional and punchy. Having a clean mix these days is essential for those big label signings & should not be dismissed. Don’t ruin your great creative work with a poor Mixdown!

The video covers:

– Solving phasing issues.
– Applying compression and ducking techniques.
– EQ, FX & leveling.
– Getting your channel levels right.
– Creating space for each element.
– Shorting out peaks and spikes within your track.
– Techniques to create the most impact at the drops.
– Panning & Mono mixing.

& much, much more!


Allan Morrow – Trance Vocal Adlibs & Piano Video Tutorial [1hour 41mins]

This Allan Morrow – Trance Vocal Adlibs & Piano Video Tutorial [1 hr 41 mins] will show you exactly how to make those “Oooohhh & Ahhhhhs” you hear in Trance. This video will also show you how to make a big piano to go along with your track and understanding how to make the piano and adlib vocals work together.

The video covers:

– How to manipulate audio files to fit with your own track.
– Applying EQ & FX to sounds.
– Harmonising your vocals with your pads & melody
– Creating a big piano and the effects used to do so.
– Understanding what sounds right and wrong.
– Testing other vocals to see what works best.
– Taking different routes to get the right sound & knowing when to delete a sound.
– Note position and composition for your piano to work alongside your melody.

& much, much more!

I don’t use Logic Pro X I use a different DAW. Can I still use this video?

Yes, all the technique you will learn in this video you can implement into your own DAW.

What software synths or plugins are used in this video?

The tutorial is done using only Logic Pro X plugins, LFO tool, & Sylenth but you can use any of your preferred plugins.

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Trance Kick & Bass Tutorial [001] (1hr 50 mins)

how to make a trance track from scratch

hi there alan just thought i would say what a brilliant tutorial i purchased off you 108 days ago. i have learned alot even tho i dont use ableton i only use fl studio i have still been learning the fundimentals in depth of using plugins and how to prevent side chaining and using the piano roll and how to make your kick and bass to sound punchy and geting you tracks sound like a pro. your tutorials are very educating and unique and very easy and simple to understand the basics of trance music production. these tutorials i will keep for years and allways keep going back to them over and over again if get stuck ect. i would reccomend your tutorials to any 1 and tell them they are worth every penny. thank you alan i will buying more of your tutorials in the near future kind regards ronnie whiteley

Thanks Ronnie! I assume you mean Logic Pro? Appreciate the kind words!

I found what I was looking for .I advise everyone to buy it 'it helps massively.thank you

Allan's Trance Bundle Package is a Gold Mine of Information.

In December 2019, I had the choice between buying another VST or purchase AM's Trance Bundle Package. I chose this Trance Package. It's been one of the best purchasing decisions that I've made in a long time and has accellerated my knowledge and skillsets within weeks that would normally have taken me years if I continued to search for this kind of information by watching countless Youtube clips, or learn through hit and miss efforts on my own.

Each video is about 2 hours long in which Allan goes into deep details of the techniques and concepts he uses to create professional sounding Trance tracks. His insights and instructions are the best source of knowledge and inspiration that I have ever come across. Much of the information he shares can also be used in other styles of EDM genres.

When it comes to EDM, Alllan's Trance Bundle is my one and only go to reference that sits on my Desktop.


Really in depth and everything is explained in super simple terms which I like. Also taught me a new way of building pads for more depth which I hadn’t thought of before.