Allan Morrow – AM Studios Sylenth1 Trance Plucks [35 x Plucks]

Looking for some new Trance Plucks for your tracks? Look no further! With a 35 x Sylenth1 Trance Plucks bank, you can quickly navigate through your plucks without having to change the bank after 6-10 presets. This making your tracks come together much faster and more efficiently.

Have a listen above to the diverse range of Trance Plucks included in the Sylenth1 Trance Plucks bank and see which ones you could use or manipulate to suit your tracks. With a variety of different style plucks to suit modern style Trance, Balearic, Oldskool & everything in-between we are sure you won’t be disappointed!

The bank comprises of:

35 x Trance Plucks (As a bank & Individually)

*Please note these presets were created using Sylenth v3.0.4. This may work with other versions of Sylenth, but please check compatibility before purchasing. 

For tutorials & templates check them out here


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