Allan Morrow – AM Studios Sylenth1 Trance Plucks [35 x Plucks]

Looking for some new Trance Plucks for your tracks? Look no further! With a 35 x Sylenth1 Trance Plucks bank, you can quickly navigate through your plucks without having to change the bank after 6-10 presets. This making your tracks come together much faster and more efficiently.

Have a listen above to the diverse range of Trance Plucks included in the Sylenth1 Trance Plucks bank and see which ones you could use or manipulate to suit your tracks. With a variety of different style plucks to suit modern style Trance, Balearic, Oldskool & everything in-between we are sure you won’t be disappointed!

The bank comprises of:

35 x Trance Plucks (As a bank & Individually)

*Please note these presets were created using Sylenth v3.0.4. This may work with other versions of Sylenth, but please check compatibility before purchasing. 

For tutorials & templates check them out here


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Some really nice sounding plucks

Some really nice sounding plucks to use in my trance tracks :+1:

Great selection of plucks

Having spent some time trawling through various preset packs with one or two plucks I came across this. The plucks sound great on their own and even better with a little processing. They open up really nicely when using the cut off within Sylenth. Itäó»s my go to pluck pack to get things moving quickly.
Great work on this Allan. :fire:

Nice Plucks!

Good set of plucks with a nice range of sounds to work from.

Thank you!
Some solid choices here

I love these plucks. I have many other presets packs, but I tend to gravitate toward these when looking for a pluck.

Itäó»s also just 35 choices, not 1,000 which isnäó»t a bad thing. Sometimes too many choices kills the creativity.

Many sound just right by themself but I will still do some alterations to get them to stand out a bit.

A Wide Range Of Plucks

The plucks are on point! Lots of different textures and styles that require minimal modification to fit in my tracks. Lots of emotional sounds that sound great layered on each other. Keep up the great work!

Happy to hear you are enjoying the plucks :)

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