How It Was Produced – Allan Morrow – Disengage

Video Duration – 1 hour 50 mins

Are you feeling uninspired in the studio?

Have you heard tracks and wondered how they were produced?

Do you want to understand why a track was produced the way it was & the vision?

Want to hear the sounds before they were processed?

Track walkthroughs not in enough detail?

Want to see the processing on a finished track and understand the reasons why it was added?

Ever wanted to see how a track on one of the industries biggest labels is created?…

Welcome to this episode of “How It Was Produced”, where I will be showing you in great detail how my track “Disengage” was produced for Trance Legend Solarstone’s label “Pure Trance Neon”

The “How It Was Produced” series is all about going into each channel of the track and showing you all the processing that has been done as well as talking you through my thought process on why I did what I did. I’ll also be going over the vision I had for the overall track along with the automation and arrangement.

You will get to see each layer in-depth (including the MIDI) and how it was all mixed together. I’ll be showing you the automation for the track, how transitions are created, and all the other little parts of a track you never really get to see. Think of it as a track walkthrough but way more in-depth! No stone is unturned as I talk you through everything about the track and its processing.

See below for what else is covered!

A great way to see what goes into a track that is signed to a big label so that you can see how your tracks can be improved or if you are overthinking the production process! 

The video covers:

A deep insight into every channel & its processing. (EQ, Effects, Automation, MIDI, Synth used etc)

The channels with the processing on & off.

See how the melody was created.

The automation used.

Arrangement & the reasons for arranging in this way.

The vision and any struggles with the track.

The Audio files & processing.

The MIDI files & processing.

Soloing layers so you can hear them in isolation.

Every Channel In Detail

See the full processing of every channel in a completed signed track.

In-depth understanding

Get a deep understanding of not only how the elements are created, but also the thought process behind each parameter change.

Gain inspiration

Gain inspiration and ideas for your own tracks! Perfect for those who feel uninspired or stuck for ideas.

Save time

Save time by seeing what techniques are used for a professional sound.

Techniques Transferrable To All DAWS

All production techniques can be easily transposed to any DAW of your choice. This project was done in Logic Pro X.

Your Tutor

Allan Morrow – International Trance DJ/Producer. Tracks signed to labels such as Armada, Blackhole Recordings, Discover Records, FSOE, Kearnage Recordings, Mental Asylum Records, Pure Trance, Outburst Records & Many more!

Grab your copy now and see how a professionally released track is created! 

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Customer Reviews

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Robert-Polzn Bladz
How it was made

It's great to see what Allan did for this production and what plugins were used. There was a certain sound in the track I heard which I wondered about and Allan showed how it was made. It's nice to see and hear the ideas and thoughts behind the track. I learned a few new ideas for my own music and implemented to my own music.

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