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Trance Kick & Bass Tutorial + trance-Midi + Trance Kicks
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Trance Kick & Bass Tutorial 

Video Duration – 2 hours 18 mins

Not happy with how your Kick & Bass is sounding?

Playing your tracks next to pros and your kick and bass sounds weaker?

Is your low end suffering in your mix?

Struggle to get a thick mid bass?

Find it hard to make interesting elements for your bass?

Overcomplicating the kick and bass process?

Better foundations for your tracks. 

Getting a solid Kick & Bass foundation for your Trance tracks can be difficult when you are not sure how each of the elements are put together to make a thick, warm, driving, creative and nicely balanced sound.

The problem is that the Kick and Bass is one of the most important parts of your track, and if this is falling short, everything else follows. A solid kick and bass will allow you to mix your other elements around them much easier with better results.

So in this tutorial ill be showing you in real time the full process of creating a Trance Kick & Bass that will sit nicely in your mix. Ill be going through each step such as your Kick, Sub Bass, Mid Bass, Acid Bass, Reverse Bass, Bass Hits & More so that you feel confident creating solid kick and bass lines that sound professional.

The Trance Kick & Bass tutorial covers:

Kick selection, Kick Key, and the characteristics of a kick you should be looking for.

EQing your kick & learning when it’s needed.

Creating your sub-bass from scratch & knowing what is needed from a sub for this sound.

Creating bass grooves with your MIDI for Sub Mid, Stabs & Acid Bass.

A deep understanding of layering your basses & the purpose for layering.

Creating your mid bass from scratch & knowing what is needed from a mid bass for this sound.

Making your mid bass sounds more unique with modulation, filtering and mapping techniques.

Techniques for getting good levels between each element.

Phase Cancellation, Polarity & Shifting Bass Phase.

EQ, Levelling, Effects, Stereo Field Positioning.

How to create an acid style Trance Bass using the arp.

Using the matrix for movement in your basses.

Creative reverse bass stabs & responses.

Kick Key & Bass Key.

Using velocity mapping.

Creating groove with bass stabs.

Bass hit positioning.

Automation to create variation in your bass.

Parallel compression for a thicker low end.

+ Much more!

Transfer techniques to any DAW

All techniques are easily transferred to any DAW.

Nothing Pre-planned

Nothing is pre-planned so you get to see the full process on what works, doesn’t and why!

Understand Kick & Bass More

Get a deep understanding of how and why a kick and bass will sound more pro, and how the sounds fit together for a more professional sound.

Get creative with your basses

Gain access to ways in which you can get creative with your Trance Basses.

Save time

Create quality Kick & Basses faster allowing you to finish your tracks quicker.

In-depth understanding

Get a deep understanding of the thought process behind each sound created in -deatil.

Your Tutor

Allan Morrow – International Trance DJ/Producer. Tracks signed to labels such as Armada, Blackhole Recordings, Discover Records, FSOE, Kearnage Recordings, Mental Asylum Records, Pure Trance, Outburst Records & Many more!

I don’t use Logic Pro X, I use a different DAW. Can I still use this video?

Yes. Please don’t restrict yourself from the knowledge inside this tutorial due to having another DAW. All the techniques you will learn in these videos can be implemented into your own DAW.

What software synths or plugins are used in this video?

  • Spire (Please note you can use any synth of your choice to replace this and create something similar)
  • LFO Tool (Used to duck the sounds, can be replaced with other ducking tools)
  • Logic Pro X (Please note that what I show you in this tutorial can be done in any DAW of your choice)

***Please note – You can use any synth/plugins or DAW of your choice to follow along with this tutorial.  

Grab your copy now and start creating solid Trance Kick & Basses! 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ben Skinner
Trance Kick and Bass tutorial

As always Allan delivers on this. Great tutorial and have used the methods shown in my latest track and has helped massively. 🙏

David Gabrisch
Good :)

Haven't watch the whole Video now but as we started to watch it the first 30 minutes it was very informative. We've learnd a bit about Kick&Bass. It is explained step by step.

claudio sousa
opening my mind

hello allan
What I have to say is that despite being short on time, I managed to watch it a few times, and I liked it a lot, it opened my mind to things I heard in the songs, but I didn't know how to perform...
thank you very much for the opportunity and hope to be buying more products soon

Robert-Polzn Bladz

Another informative tutorial showing another way to make kick & bass sit well together.

sergio boschetto

Trance Kick & Bass Tutorial

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