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What’s Included In The Trance Kicks Pack…

30 x Punchy Trance Kicks

About The Trance Kicks Pack…

44.1khz 24Bit

Kicks Labelled By Key

WAV Files - 3.5MB

Royalty Free

Made To Punch Through Your Mix

Use in all styles of Trance Music

Use in any DAW

Tired of looking through huge sample packs to find punchy Trance Kicks? 

My goal with this pack was to create a smaller selection of some of the best Trance Kicks that I could for you, and to really go down the route of quality over quantity.

I myself have gone through endless amounts of sample packs only to find a handful of punchy sounding kicks that I can use in my tracks and the rest I barely use. It can be very frustrating, and a bit of an inspiration kill when going through so many samples!

So I have spent countless hours creating these kicks and fine-tuning them to get them as snappy, hard-hitting and as powerful as possible to create an all killer no filler sample pack for you all.

These are the type of Kicks that I use daily, with some Kicks also taken from some of my biggest releases so go grab your copy now, and let your kicks punch through!

Are the samples royalty-free?

Yes, all samples included in this pack are royalty-free.

Are these Kicks key labelled?

Yes, all kicks are Key labelled and numbered.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Best Trance Kick Pack I have every purchased by a long shot!

I have a lot of kick samples, including Dave Parkinson's 1 and 2, which use to be my go to for kicks. However, I have to say I am very impressed with this pack and it will definitely be my go to for trance kicks from now on.. Honest to god this is the best kick pack I have purchased by miles. 30 exceptional kicks. Nice work Allan!
I look forward to the next quality sample pack.....

Finally some kick samples that do fit!

Great, yes a great pack of trance kicks finally! Honestly I prefer these above the legendary Dave Parkinson kicks, as these are out of the box fitting fat more easily with subs. The tails are not to long, the kicks not too boomy while plenty of of lows combined with the higher end they sound very punchy and full. I was really surprised about the fat above quality vs other great kick packs. Together with the bass pack for sylenth1, my lows are much tighter, fuller and more clear, they keep clearly audible in busy mixes, just great!

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