Uplifting Tech Trance Template for Logic Pro X & 9

Uplifting Tech Trance Template Logic Pro X

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This template will give you an in-depth view on how a pro sounding trance track is put together, how the layers are Eq’ed, the different effects that are used and also an insight into how melodies are put together along with the other elements such as pads, acid line, stabs, vocal hits etc.

With over 70 channels ranging from bass lines to glitchy effects, this template will really give you a great starting point on how to make your own trance tracks.

This template will also show you the way that different channels have been bussed together into groups along with different FX busses to keep your projects tidy and your workflow much easier. Along with the automation on the separate channels.

Included in the template:

Full Logic Pro project file
Midi files
Audio Files
Synth presets

3rd party software synths used:

Sylenth1 (v 2.21)

*All of the other plugins and effects used are built in logic plugins*

**Please note that this product will open in Logic X assuming Sylenth1 is properly bridged but no guarantees can be made** For more tutorials check them out here


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