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Full Track Created From Scratch – Ableton Live


Welcome to the Ableton Live Trance Track Start To Finish Production Course

Want to learn how to make professional-sounding Trance but don’t know where to start? Are Youtube tutorials not giving you the answers you want? Tired of your tracks not sounding good next to the pros?

It’s all here in this 21+ hour course where I will go over everything from the ground up! You will see my full creative process, and learn my full thought process behind every sound that is designed or chosen in real-time.

Why is this course different?

Nothing is pre-planned so that you get to see everything that works and doesn’t (just like when you are in the studio). This allows you to learn from each step of the process.

There are no pre-planned sounds that just fall into place so that you can understand why something is working, and why it’s not. This provides a much better learning experience for you when you then come to tackle issues that you face when producing your tracks.

My goal with every tutorial is to give as much detail as possible (hence why it’s 21+ hours) and not just quickly skim over parts. See below for a full list of the subjects that are covered (full page description links included also)

10 x Videos  [Duration 21+ hours]

21+ Hours for a reason.

Unlike other courses that may show you a full track in just a few hours, this course goes through the full track and thought process behind every decision in extreme detail. The thought process of why something is done is one of the most vital bits of information. Nothing is just skimmed over and I believe in this course you truly get what you pay for.

FREE Template & Guides

FREE Quickstart Trance Template, 4 x Page Mixdown Guide & EQ Chart to help you along the way!

Transfer techniques to any DAW

All techniques are easily transferred to any DAW.

Its all about the order

See exactly why I build the track in the way that I do, so you can test elements against other elements in the track. This will help you from getting stuck and hitting roadblocks later on while saving you time.

Each element covered in-depth.

See how each sound is created and works with each other from the ground up.

Start taking full control

Start being in full control of your track from the ideas, arrangement, mixing and mastering!

Save Time

Save time when making your tracks by using the time-saving techniques and processes used in the course.

Included In the course…

Ableton Live – Trance Kick & Bass Tutorial [001]  1 hour 25 mins

The video covers:


⬤ One note nudge trick.

⬤ Choosing the right sounding kick.

⬤ Understanding which bass notes will work with your kick.

⬤ Creating a bass pattern and groove.

⬤ Creating an atmospheric bass stab.

⬤ Choosing the right sounds for your basses.

⬤ Applying movement to your bass sounds.

⬤ Mixing your kick, sub and mid basses layers together.

⬤ Fine-tuning EQ and ducking techniques.

⬤ Delay & Reverb techniques for your basses.

+ much more!

Full product description [HERE]

Ableton Live –  Trance Melody & Breakdown Tutorial [002]

Ableton Live – Trance Melody & Breakdown Tutorial [Audio Sample]

The video covers:


Building your progression.

 Creating & designing a sub-bass sound that sounds deep and fat.

Writing the groove of your melody.

Creating a harmony melody.

Evolving your melody & keeping it interesting.

Creating your pluck and lead sounds using sound design.

Layering your leads to fit nicely and sound professional.

Adding a human feel to your melody.

Creating harmony pads to fit your melody.

Fine-tuning your sounds to fit properly in the mix.

Adding effects to make your sound huge.

+ much more!

Full product description [HERE]

Ableton Live – Trance Acid Tutorial [003] – 1 hour 12 mins

The video covers:


⬤ How to create your own Acids from scratch.

⬤ How to gate in Sylenth1.

⬤ Gating techniques that will drive your track forward.

⬤ Layering your acids.

⬤ Creating depth in your Acids.

⬤ Adding movement with LFO’s.

⬤ Choosing a layer that compliments.

⬤ Understanding what Acids work with your style of track.

⬤ Mixing your Trance Acid layers together.

⬤ Fine-tuning EQ and ducking techniques.

⬤ Automation, Delay & Reverb techniques for your Acids.

+ much more!

Full product description [HERE]

Ableton Live – Trance Percussion Tutorial [004] – 1 hour 40 mins

The video covers:


⬤ Choosing the right samples for your track.

⬤ Using Drum racks to speed up your process.

⬤ Understanding what characteristics make a suitable sample.

⬤ How to use FX on your Trance percussion.

⬤ Creating a groove through different methods.

⬤ Adding movement with delays & other effects.

⬤ EQing your reverb for a better sound.

⬤ Understanding levels of your percussion.

⬤ How to separate percussion sounds that sit in the same place.

⬤ Mixing, Fine-tuning, EQing and levelling.

⬤ Balancing the frequency range on your percussion.

⬤ Creating unique textures through percussion effect hits.

+ much more!

Full product description [HERE]

Ableton Live – Trance Plucks (Intro, Tension, Call & Response) Tutorial [005] – 2 hours

The video covers:


⬤ Creating your main drive pluck.

⬤ Call & response plucks for a unique sound.

⬤ Tension Plucks.

⬤ Creating unique sounding intro plucks.

⬤ Testing & Audition plucks to see what works.

⬤ Tips and Tricks for faster workflow.

⬤ Creating movement with delays & other effects.

⬤ Understanding what sounds will work & why.

⬤ Getting a groove that fits the rest of your track.

⬤ Mixing, Fine-tuning, EQing and levelling.

⬤ Getting your plucks to work together.

⬤ Adding contrast with your plucks to create depth.

+ much more!

Full product description [HERE]

Ableton Live – Trance FX Tutorial [006] – 2 hours

The video covers:


⬤ Effects worked on include: Risers, Impacts, One-Shots, Atmosphere, Downsweeps, Clap & more.

⬤ How to create rise & fall gate effects from other sounds in your tracks.

⬤ How to create custom length risers to suit your track.

⬤ Creating unique atmospheric FX hits from presets you probably won’t have thought to use before.

⬤ Using a clap to add more impact.

⬤ Adding more depth to your impacts through layering techniques.

⬤ What sounds to look out for to create even more power.

⬤ Using effects chains to create unique textures.

⬤ Manipulating delays so that your effects sit properly in your mix.

⬤ Testing effects in different scenarios.

⬤ Mixing, Fine-tuning, EQing and levelling.

⬤ Manipulating a sample to make it your own.

⬤ Creating atmosphere with effects.

⬤ Using return channels to manipulate effects.

⬤ Using different effects to help your effects sit properly with your mix.

+ much more!

Full product description [HERE]

Ableton Live – Trance Arrangement Tutorial [007] – 2 hours 30 mins

The video covers:


Tips for making arrangement easier.

Understanding which elements to use in each section.

Choosing which bass progression to start with your drop.

How to keep the listener engaged.

Creating DJ Friendly intros


Understanding which sounds work where and why.

Laying out your breakdown, build-ups, and drops & preparing your track ready for the transitions.

How to introduce elements.

Changing sounds around to see which ones work best for that specific area of the track.

+ much more!

Full product description [HERE]

Ableton Live – Trance Transitions & Automation [008] – 3 hours

The video covers:


Going through every transition in a great amount of detail until they are seamless.

Using automation to create big builds & impacts.

Understanding how the elements before and after your transition can make a difference to your transition.

Clever automation tips & tricks that give your drops more impact.

The direction in which way you can automate for a desired effect (building/winding down)

Understanding which elements can take away from the impact of your kick.

How energy can be lost in accordance with the length of the transitions and how much you automate a parameter.

What parameters you can automate to create more tension.

Deciding what to automate in relation to the elements of that section and what is coming up next.

Creating snare rolls & kick rolls along with the automation used to help create tension.

Automating various elements in your tracks such as Acids to help transition between sections.

Which elements you can use in your track to create even more tension.

Sound selection and processing for snare rolls.

EQ, FX & levelling.

Creating fills & other transition techniques.

Deciding which elements work in what build and how to decide if something is needed or not for a cohesive sound.

A deep understanding of the thought process behind each change I make.

+ Much more!

Full product description [HERE]

Ableton Live – Trance Mixdown – 5 hours 40 mins

Ableton – Trance Mixdown (Audio Sample) (Limiter added to bring the volume up a bit)

Trance Mixdown Chapters:


001 Preparing For Your  Mixdown Tools and tips that you can use to help find mix issues while making your mixdown process easier.

002 The Foundations Mixing the Kick & Bass & low frequency sounds to get you set up for a great sounding mixdown. Kick & Bass changes at the drop also covered in detail.

003 The Leads Mixing the Leads to make sure they sound thick and full with the Kick and Bass in the drop and breakdown. Tips to help your leads sit nicely in your drop.

004 The Intro Plucks In-depth look at mixing the Intro Plucks and making sure they don’t clash with other elements in your intro.

005 The Acids Making sure your Acids sit nicely in your mix and are complimenting your bass rather than working against each other.

006 Percussion Mixing and fixing phase cancellation issues with your percussion.

007 Pads Making sure that your pads are mixed nicely with your leads.

008 FX An in-depth look into each of the effects, ensuring they are sitting correctly in the mix and ducking when needed.

009 Final Tweaks – Headphones Listening in detail through the full track and tweaking any needed areas for the polished sound.

010 Final Tweaks – Monitors A final listen on the monitor to tweak any areas that may not have been picked up in the headphones.

011  Final Thoughts  

The 11 x videos cover:


How to keep your bass changes consistent in your drop.

Kick & Bass Phase alignment.

Levelling and controlling your Kick & Bass lines.

Mixing your leads to sit nicely in your drop and breakdown.

Controlling spikes & peaks when needed.

Fixing phase cancellation.

Plugin chains to help you identify/monitor mix issues.

Techniques for getting your levels rights.

Considerations to take when making certain mixing decisions.

Mixing, Levelling, Placement & EQ of each section.

Tips for better sounding leads in your drop.

Gain Staging.

Techniques for clashing elements.

Analysing your audio to identify the problem areas in your mix.

Mono mixing techniques.

Techniques for checking your levels.

Cleaning up your headroom for better, and louder masters.

The full thought process behind each mixing decision, and why certain areas of done in a particular order.

Identifying and dealing with resonating frequencies.

+ Much more!

Full product description [HERE]

Ableton Live – Trance Mastering [010] – 55 mins

Ableton Live – Trance Pre-Master BEFORE (Audio Sample) 


Ableton Live – Trance Master AFTER (Audio Sample) 

The video covers:


See how a pre-master looks before mastering.

Analysing other mastered tracks.

The full Mastering chain.

Tips and tricks for getting louder masters through limiting techniques.

How to compress your master.

How to EQ your master.

Mastering LUF levels.

Understanding headroom for your master.

How to Limit your tracks to reduce distortion.

EQ, Adding Brightness & tightening up your low end.

Stereo Imaging.

Analysing your master to make mixing decisions.

Controlling Dynamics.

Getting your master to pro levels.

The full thought process behind each mixing decision, and why certain areas are done in a particular order.

+ Much more!

Full product description [HERE]


Ableton Live 10 Suite – Trance – Quick Start Template

The Ableton Trance template includes:

Gain staging effects rack loaded on each channel.

Headroom for channels already set up.

Channels set up and named for over 50 elements.

Channels grouped into categories including percussion, bass, acid, leads, pads, plucks, melody, fx & more.

Parallel compression routing.

Midi regions created for quick sampler imports.

Channels colour coded for ease of use.

FX buses routed & ready to customise.


The video includes:

  An overview of the whole template and why it is set up like it is.

The template is created only with Ableton 10 Suite Plugins.

Full product description [HERE]

Trance Ableton 10 template

***Please note this template is not required to follow along with the course.

Requirements if you want to use this template

Ableton Live 10 Suite 10.1.7 – Please note this may not open in your version of Ableton unless it is this version or above in Ableton Suite. Please check before purchasing

Want this to work in Ableton Live Standard? – Customers have got this to work in standard by removing the Echo plugin and then re-authorising Ableton. You are then able to use this in standard without the Echo Plugin (This could easily be replaced with any delay of your choice.) once you save the template as a new version. 

Your Tutor

Allan Morrow – International Trance DJ/Producer. Tracks signed to labels such as Armada, Blackhole Recordings, Discover Records, FSOE, Kearnage Recordings, Mental Asylum Records, Pure Trance, Outburst Records & Many more!


What software synths or plugins are used in this course?


  • Ableton Live Suite & stock plugins. (You can replace this DAW with your own) 
  • Spire
  • Sylenth1
  • LFO Tool (You can replace this with your own sidechain of choice)
  • Venn Audio – Freeclip (FREE Clipper Plugin – Any clipper can be used)
  • Voxengo SPAN (Free analyzer plugin – Any analyser of your choice can be used)
  • Ozone 8 – For the Mastering Video – (Please note – This can be replaced with your own EQ’s, Limiters, Compressors & Stereo Wideners etc)

***Please note – The above plugins & synths are NOT essential to learn from this tutorial. You can follow along using your own synths/plugins & DAW. Simply use the synths/plugins that you have in your own tracks to create the same desired effect.

I don’t use Ableton I use a different DAW. Can I still use this video?


Yes, all the technique you will learn in these videos you can be implemented into your own DAW using your own unique DAWs plugins.

Grab your copy now and start creating professional-quality Trance Tracks!

For more tutorials check them out here


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Customer Reviews

Based on 165 reviews
Jurrian de Klerk
Next level production course

After watching youtube vids for more than a year, I thought it would be good to invest a small amount of money to figure out why my productions still didn't sound like a pro. The course is really helpful to build on different elements of your track, and especially on how tot make sounds work together. I especially like the way Alan shows how to make Acid sounds (you have to buy Sylenth1 as well, but I did not regret that). Personally I would love to see a course more focussed on modern clubby trance/acid. .not with major breakdowns, but more subtile grooves.

Trance Production Course | Start To Finish + Free Quickstart Trance Template [Ableton Live]

First time I’ve attempted to work through the development of a full track, it’s a brilliant way to learn and especially as solutions for real world issues arise during the process steps. I’m really looking forward to completing the course.

Mark Wright
Information you don’t find elsewhere

I have purchased many start to finish courses in the past and none of them have ever given as much detail as the AM Studios ones! They generally miss out a lot of the why they are doing certain processing, while Alan goes over his thought process in great detail. This helps so much as it lets me approach music with a more open mind to what may work and not just being shown one way of doing something (that may then not work in another scenario). I love that there is no sounds already chosen also and you get to see the sound selection process (a part which I found hard).

All in all, a fantastic course and by far the best start to finish course I have ever purchased! Now on to the next start to finish from AM Studios!

Dan Wynne
Trance Production Course | Start To Finish

Great, in depth tutorials for anyone wanting to start producing their own music, or take their current productions up a level. They are a great reference point, i will no doubt be watching these videos many times.

daniel watkins
Great Course!

As a newbie to music production i found this course to be a great guide which has steered me towards to the kind sounds that i have wanted to be able to build, the simple approach Allan takes is easy to follow and effective, i would highly recommend to other beginners wishing to make Trance music!.

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