Reveal Sound Spire Tutorial with Bluffmunkey

Video Duration – 1 hour 27 mins

Does Spire seem confusing to you?

Tired of tweaking parameters and having no idea what it does?

Want to know each section of the synth and the way the sound flows through Spire?

Are you wasting time when it comes to creating or tweaking sounds?

How Spire works with Bluffmunkey

Welcome AM Studios first guest tutor Bluffmunkey! Some of you may know him from the fantastic Tech Trance soundbank project he worked on for AM Studios!

Geoff Heade (AKA Bluffmunkey) has been a professional sound designer for over 10+ years now. Geoff and I met on the old Anjunabeats Trance forum when I first started producing. Geoff is a very talented sound designer and has a massive wealth of knowledge in synthesis, so I decided to bring Geoff on to help you guys understand and simplify Spire as a synth, so you feel confident when you come to use it!

It’s frustrating and time-consuming to just tweak knobs on presets and not understand what they do!

So, in this Spire tutorial, Geoff goes into great detail, explaining every aspect of the synth and how it works, including some hidden features that not many people know about. 

He shows you some of his personal favourite features and explains the sound flow of Spire and how each section works. This is perfect for anyone who hates reading manuals and prefers a visual approach to learning!

If you have struggled to understand Spire or want an even more in-depth understanding of the synth, then this tutorial is for you!

What you will learn in this Spire tutorial:

Overall synthesizer user interface

Oscillator section including some ‘hidden’ features

ADSR envelopes including additional slopes and features

LFO section, including some ‘hidden’ features

Stepper section and how to route into the mod matrix

Arpeggiator section and it’s likely use as a step sequencer

Filter section including the influences of the different filter models

FX section, taking a look at the different effects and effects models

Modulation section, how to route sources and targets including mod range

+ Much more!

10 x Free Presets Include:

3 x Trance Acids

2 x Trance Basses

2 x Leads

2 x Pads

1 x Sequence

Know your synth

Understanding your synth can allow you to create much better sounds for your tracks.

Save Time

Understanding your synth can help you save time in the studio so you can complete tracks much faster.

In-depth understanding of the Waveforms

Get a deep understanding of the different types of waveforms available to you in Spire.

Transferrable Knowledge

Understanding synths can help you when you come to use other synths.

Your Tutor

Geoff Heade AKA Bluffmunkey – Professional Sound Designer for 10+ years. Worked on multiple Trance soundbanks for big names within the Trance scene.

Grab your copy now and understand exactly how Spire works!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Robert-Polzn Bladz
Spire Tutorial

I was told many times that Spire was the synth every trance producer needs. I wanted to make sure that this was true. The tutorial was very detailed and helped me make the decision that Spire was not the synth I needed. It lacks many features Dune 3 offers and the things that Spire does have over my other synths doesn't warrant a purchase. It was still good to know how the synth really works

Sherene Samuel

Great Tutorial !! Best as always. A very nice guide for a beginner. Thanks, Allan.

elton khon
Overall is great !!

Very comprehensive guide to a beginner to know how to use software synth.

Karl Bush

Double whammy here with the tutorial and presets! The detail given is great for anyone wanting to know more about Spire. Thoroughly recommended 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Simon Meech-Simpson
Brilliant tour of Spire

This is a brilliant tour of Spire, simple but very powerful. Very well explained and alot of information. It is the type of thing you'll want to watch many times as there is so much information in there.

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