30 x Trance Plucks | Spire

Tired of only finding a few plucks you like in your Spire Trance soundbanks?

In need of some plucks that sound nice when the filter is open and closed?

Constantly getting distracted by other sounds when trying to get tracks finished?

Looking for some nice thick plucks to fill out your breakdowns?

Wanting some high delicate plucks to shine through your mix?

What is included in the Soundbank?

30 x Trance Plucks

30 x Spire Trance Plucks

Welcome to this AM Studios & Bluffmunkey Spire Trance Plucks soundbank!

After the success of the first Spire Trance Bass bank, Myself & Bluffmunkey would like to present to you the latest Spire bank compromising of 30 x lush sounding Trance Plucks!

Quality over quantity is the goal with all things AM Studios, and as always, having a bank dedicated to the one type of sound is excellent for workflow.

The soundbank consists of plucks for all of your Trance production occasions, such as high delicate plucks, big thick plucks, plucks with lots of movement and everything in between!

The plucks can also be used in any style of Trance from Uplifting, Tech, Progressive & Psy etc.

If you already have some of the other pluck banks from AM Studios, these will go great when layering due to Spire’s slightly brighter and more metallic rich sound!


Reveal Sound Spire. Version: 1.1.17 or above.

*Please note these presets have been tested in 1.1.17 and above. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
József Ádám
Love it!!

These pluck sounds are absoulutely a ge changer for me. Love all 30 of them and they all sound unique in their own. A bit of tweeking now and then to them to fit your track is all you need. I'm absoulutely loving it and it was worth every penny!

Amazing Plucks

Have used some of these many times already, even though I only bought this recently. Very inspiring, very useful.

30 x Spire Trance Plucks

I would recommend this to everyone, good quality plucks......

TCM Music
Allan does it again

Great set of plucks carefully crafted for trance styles, worth every penny. Excellent

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