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Trance Sound Design Tutorial – Trance Acids [Sylenth1]

Video Duration – 56 Mins

Want to learn how to program your own Trance Acid sounds?

Tired of not knowing how to tweak your presets to get your desired sound?

Want to see how different types of Trance Acids are created?

Want to see which parameters create that Acid sound?

9 X FREE Acid Presets Included


The presets that are created in the tutorial are also included for you to use.

Learn To Create Your Own Trance Acids From Scratch

Welcome to the third Sylenth1 Sound Design Tutorial.

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to create your own Trance Acids sounds from scratch. I’ll be going over in a great amount of detail different types of Trance Acids such as 303 Style Acids, Reverse Acids, Gated Atmospheric Acids, Psy Trance Style Acid Hits, Acid Plucks, Atmospheric Acids and Experimental Acids.

If you have ever felt like you want to stop using presets because you want full control of the outcome, then this tutorial will equip you with the tools to produce some cool acids for your tracks.

I’ll be taking you through the step by step method that I use to create Trance Acid sounds and explaining to you in-depth what each parameter such as the ADSR, Filters, Oscillators, Mod Envelopes, LFO’s, MISC & Effects are doing, so that you understand how the sound is being built, but more importantly why I’m doing what I am doing.

 Learn the methods and foundations I use to create many different styles of Acids easily.

What you will learn from this Trance Sound Design tutorial:

How to create 303 Style Acids, Reverse Acids, Gated Atmospheric Acids, Psy Trance Style Acid Hits, Acid Plucks, Atmospheric Acids and Experimental Acids.

My easy foundation method.

A deep understanding of why each parameter is changed.

What waveforms to use for particular sounds.

Understanding how to improve your acids using the mod envelopes.

What parameters create that acid sound.

Using different filters for different acids.

How to set up Sylenth for gated acids atmospheres.

How to use LFO’s & Misc to create more movement.

What effects to use create better acids.

How to make textured and atmospheric acids.

What acids you can use in different areas of your tracks for different desired effects.

Parameters that can be automated for different effects or outcomes.

Oscillator cycling to find which sound would suit your track best.

Layering Oscillators to achieve different results.

+ much more!

Please note this is not a tutorial on how to use Sylenth1; this is a tutorial on designing different sounds within Sylenth1. If you want a full understanding of how Sylenth1 works as a synth, be sure to check out the Sylenth1 tutorials HERE.

How this will benefit you…

Get the desired sound

Stop tweaking parameters randomly! This tutorial will provide you with the knowledge to tweak your acid sounds to your desired taste.

Apply To Other Synths

Be able to apply the fundamentals to other synths.

Get tracks finished faster

Knowing how to program sounds can massively increase productivity.

Different Acids

Understand how to create different acids so that you can experiment even further to suit your taste.

Your Tutor

Allan Morrow – International Trance DJ/Producer. Tracks signed to labels such as Armada, Blackhole Recordings, Discover Records, FSOE, Kearnage Recordings, Mental Asylum Records, Pure Trance, Outburst Records & Many more!

Want some inspiration for creating your own presets, or would like to reverse engineer some already made presets? Check out the Sylenth1 banks HERE.

Customer Reviews

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Spencer B
Trance Sound Design Tutorial - Acid

As always another top tutorial from Allan. He shows you how to create a 303 Acid sound and then develops this even further to create a plethora of acid sounds. Some knowledge of Sylenth 1 is needed for this tutorial but as always he explains his process for creating acid sounds in detail. Another great tutorial!!

manfred stutter
amazing This sounddesign

It help`s me so mutch.
It`s very easy after this Tutorial to make my own acid sounds.
Thank you so mutch i hope there come more of this stuff, stay Haelthy

Top tutorial

All you need to know here about acids in trance. Another top tutorial for the collection 👌

Karl Bush
Looking forward to getting stuck in

I’ve not yet watched this, but like all of the products I have purchased from AM audios I just know this will not disappoint…hoping to improve my skills on Sylenth!!!

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