Serum Trance Presets – 33 x Trance Bass – AM Studios 

  • Struggling to find a Serum soundbank dedicated to Trance Basses?
  • Losing your creativity because you are switching between banks trying to find a nice bass?
  • Want to see how Trance basses are created in Serum?


Welcome to the AM Studios Serum Trance Bass Soundbank!

A bank that can be easily used in any kind of Trance from Uplifting Trance, Tech Trance, Progressive Trance or Psy Trance.

Having a soundbank full of one dedicated sound can really save you time, as switching from bank to bank can make you lose your creativity and workflow! In this bank, you will find 33 x massive presets ready to put into your tracks, tweak until your heart is content, or give you inspiration for creating your own bass sounds.

Why not use the presets as a learning opportunity? Studying and reverse-engineering the presets will help you understand what each parameter does, and this will then give you a better understanding when making your own bass presets.

You could even use these presets to build a full track around!


What does the Serum Trance Soundbank include?

33 x Serum Trance Bass Presets. I have included all the different types of basses I use in my tracks as per below:

  • 5 x Trance Bass Drones
  • 4 x Psy Trance Basses
  • 14 x Trance Mid Basses
  • 5 x Trance Sub Basses
  • 5 x Xtra Bonus Basses



Xfer Serum – Please note this bank was created with Serum 1.309 – This bank may not work with versions below this so please make sure you are able to update and check compatibility before purchasing. 


Grab your copy of the Serum Trance Presets now and start making some huge bass lines! 

For more tutorials, soundbanks and templates head back to our store here – AM Studios Store.


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Mai Minh Hieu Nguyen

It’s help me a lot for sound design

Spencer B
Banging bass

Take your bass sounds to the next level, with this soundbank! Again Allan delivers some top notch bass sounds!
Can't wait for more Serum soundbanks from AM Studios, nice job bro

lewis goodenough
Changed my life

You know when you find the exact thing that you’ve been yearning for. Searching for, ripping your hair out over. This is that exact thing. Simple but so impactful. Your kicks will weave in with these sounds and become one as they should. Highly recommend. Everything from this man is A+++.

Invisible Signs
Quality over quantity, no fillers

Solid pack, quality over quantity. The basses are really well crafted, roll and groove nicely and sit in a mix with minimum effort, basically you may add sidechain, HP and a bit of eq as the mix needs and you are good to go. The presets are categorized like subs, mids, drones etc, so you will know right away how they are intended to be used. I already used some of the subs and the mids in my WIP uplifting trance tracks in combination with the kicks from the “30 punchy kicks” pack and they all work together really well. I think these two packs are going to be my go-tos for most of my trance kick/bass needs.

David Louca
Great pack

Sound just right

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