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Trance Sound Design Tutorial – Trance Pads [Sylenth1]

Video Duration – 95 Mins

Want to learn how to program your own Trance Pads sounds?

Tired of not knowing how to tweak your presets to get your desired sound?

Want to see how different layers of Trance Pads are created?

Want to see how to mix different layers of pads for a nice dynamic sound?

Frustrated with not knowing what ADSR shape to use with your pads?

Learn To Create Your Own Trance Pads From Scratch

Welcome to the second Sylenth1 Sound Design Tutorial.

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to create your own Trance Pads sounds from scratch. I’ll be going over in a great amount of detail the different types of Trance Pads such as Sub Pads, Phased Pads, Saw Pads, Top/Texture Pads, Gated Pads & Multi-Layer Pads.

If you have ever felt like you want to stop using presets because you want full control of the outcome, then this tutorial will equip you with the tools to produce some epic pads for your tracks.

I’ll be taking you through the step by step methods that I use to create Trance Pads sounds and explaining to you in-depth what each parameter such as the ADSR, Filters, Oscillators, Mod Envelopes, LFO’s, MISC & Effects are doing, so that you understand how the sound is being built, but more importantly why I’m doing what I am doing.

Quit tweaking your pads and not knowing what it’s doing! Learn where to tweak for the right results!

What you will learn from this Trance Sound Design tutorial:

How to create Trance Sub Pads, Phased Pads, Saw Pads, Top/Texture Pads, Gated Pads & Multi-Layer Pads.

How to layer pads with different Oscillators.

A deep understanding of why each parameter is changed.

What waveforms to use for particular sounds.

Understanding the ADSR and shape of the sounds for pads.

What effects to use to create a desired sound.

How to use mod envelopes for more creative pads.

How to mix your Oscillators to get more dynamic Trance pads.

How to set up Sylenth for gated pads.

How to use LFO’s & Misc to create more movement.

Positioning the pad layers in the stereo field.

How to use filters A & B with your pads.

How to make textured and atmospheric Trance pads through LFO’s.

How to mix your different pad layers together.

As well as looking at using Detune, Effects, Stereo Positioning, Mixing, EQ, Mod Envelopes & More.

+ much more!

Please note this is not a tutorial on how to use Sylenth1; this is a tutorial on designing different sounds within Sylenth1. If you want a full understanding of how Sylenth1 works as a synth, be sure to check out the Sylenth1 tutorials HERE.

How this will benefit you…

Get the desired sound

Stop tweaking parameters randomly! This tutorial will provide you with the knowledge to tweak your pad sounds to your desired taste.

Apply To Other Synths

Be able to apply the fundamentals to other synths.

Get tracks finished faster

Knowing how to program sounds can massively increase productivity.

Bigger Pads

Understand how you can create bigger and more epic pads.

Your Tutor

Allan Morrow – International Trance DJ/Producer. Tracks signed to labels such as Armada, Blackhole Recordings, Discover Records, FSOE, Kearnage Recordings, Mental Asylum Records, Pure Trance, Outburst Records & Many more!

Download a copy now and start creating your own epic Trance Pad presets! 

Want some inspiration for creating your own presets, or would like to reverse engineer some already made presets? Check out the Sylenth1 banks HERE.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Luc Bergeron
Very good tutorial

I love you tutorial for the Trance Pads, although you using Sylenth1 it's easy to use what you showing in different vst. So far i dont own Sylenth1 but I've been able to replicate what you showed in Vital, Thor from Reason, Serum and a bunch of other VST's. I'm far from being a pro but i love to learn how to design sounds.

It has made me more confident in sylenth

Yeah pads are one of the things I love if not what I love the most of trance and always wondered how they were done and this tutorial is getting me going

lisa craig
amazing tutorial

i learned so much from allan in this course. i can create from scratch pads that sound professional.

peter w
Does what it says on the tin

Allan's tutorials are real time walkthroughs. This means that on the fly he finds and fixes the same issues I bump up against in the DAW to get the sounds right. Watching how he progresses through his workflow to achieve a professional result is hugely helpful.

GREAT tutorial as always

The title of my review says it all

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