Creating DJ Mixes in Ableton

  • Are you wanting to create seamless DJ mixes?
  • Struggle to warp tracks properly?
  • Are you tired of your mixes sounding unprofessional?
  • Don’t know which plugins to use?
  • Two channels or multiple channels?

Hello everyone and welcome to the “Creating DJ Mixes in Ableton” Tutorial. In this tutorial, I will be showing how I create DJ mixes from the tracks being organised in Rekordbox to a finished exported mix in Ableton.

I’ll be talking you through the tools I use to mix harmonically, how I arrange my tracks, setting up the channels, transition points, the plugins I use, how to warp your tracks PROPERLY, and much much more!


Creating DJ Mixes in Ableton tutorial includes:

  • Harmonic mixing techniques with Mixed In Key.
  • Setting up your channels, so they are ready to use.
  • The plugins I use to create mixes.
  • How to warp your tracks perfectly.
  • Which warp mode to use.
  • Transition points and the reasons why.
  • Transition Effects.
  • Chopping up tracks for smoother transitions.
  • Chopping up tracks to save time.
  • EQ, Levelling & Compression.
  • Exporting.
  • A quick way to export your playlist text.
  • & More!



The tutorial is created using Ableton Live 10 and Ableton stock plugins, but you can use any version of your choice.

Grab your copy now and start creating mixes to share with your fans!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Michael Hruby
Got a mix just in time for DI.FM

This really came in handy when I was asked to do a guest mix for DI.FM my mixer had gone out so there was no way of recording a set. Allan Morrow coming in clutch with these awesome tutorials! I highly recommend learning from this man. He goes in to detail and he explains what he does so well!

Yousaf Mohammed
Ableton trance melody

Awesome tutorial Allan , has helped me immensely , thanks

Adam Walkinshaw
DJ mixes in Ableton

Quite an interesting tutorial this.
Very clear and high quality as always from Allan Morrow. Will be purchasing more for sure


Creating DJ Mixes in Ableton Tutorial [67 Mins]

Hans Nilsson
Lack of beatgrid hints.

A DJ mix doesn't always have songs with a constant beat throghout the song to start with. This Tutorial cover the cosmetics more than the basics. Should have been more on how to handle the diffucult art to prepare the songs regarding beatgridding.

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