How to Make Classic Trance Course

Welcome to the Classic Trance Track Start To Finish Production Course

Want to learn how to make that Classic Trance sound but don’t know where to start? Are Youtube tutorials not giving you the answers you want? Tired of your tracks not sounding good next to the pros?

It’s all here in this 13+ hour course where I will go over everything from the ground up! You will see my full creative process, and learn my full thought process behind every sound that is designed or chosen in real-time.

Why is this course different?

Nothing is pre-planned so that you get to see everything that works and doesn’t (just like when you are in the studio). This allows you to learn from each step of the process.

There are no pre-planned sounds that just fall into place so that you can understand why something is working, and why it’s not. This provides a much better learning experience for you when you then come to tackle issues that you face when producing your tracks.

My goal with every tutorial is to give as much detail as possible (hence why it’s 13+ hours) and not just quickly skim over parts. See below for a full list of the subjects that are covered (full page description links included also)

7 x Episodes  [Duration 13 hours 30+ mins]

13+ Hours for a reason.

Unlike other courses that may show you a full track in just a few hours, this course goes through the full track and thought process behind every decision in extreme detail. The thought process of why something is done is one of the most vital bits of information. Nothing is just skimmed over and I believe in this course you truly get what you pay for.

FREE Template & Guides

FREE Quickstart Trance Template, 4 x Page Mixdown Guide & EQ Chart to help you along the way!

Transfer techniques to any DAW

All techniques are easily transferred to any DAW.

Its all about the order

See exactly why I build the track in the way that I do, so you can test elements against other elements in the track. This will help you from getting stuck and hitting roadblocks later on while saving you time.

Each element covered in-depth.

See how each sound is created and works with each other from the ground up.

Start taking full control

Start being in full control of your track from the ideas, arrangement, mixing and mastering!

Save Time

Save time when making your tracks by using the time-saving techniques and processes used in the course.

Included In the course…

Classic Trance Kick & Bass Tutorial [001]  1 hour 17 mins 

Classic Trance Kick & Bass Tutorial [Audio Preview including different combinations of the basses created with basic effects] ***Limiter used to bring the level up

The video covers:


Kick selection and the characteristics of a kick to be looking for.

EQing your kick & learning when it’s needed.

Creating your basses from scratch.

Creating bass grooves with your MIDI.

Bass splitting for more control.

Adding atmosphere to your bass.

Ducking techniques for that older sound.

Using filter mapping for different desired effects.

Mixing, EQ, Levelling, Effects, Saturation, Stereo Field Positioning.

Using velocity mapping.

My full thought process behind everything I’m doing and why.

+ Much more!

Full product description [HERE]

Classic Trance Percussion Tutorial [002] – 1 hour 10 mins

Classic Trance Percussion Tutorial [Audio Preview including different combinations of the percussion created] ***Limiter used to bring the level up

The video covers:


Kick selection and the characteristics of a kick to look out for.

Shaping your kick with EQ.

Processing your clap.

 Detailed explanation of all processing.

Adding secret tape saturation.

Shaping/processing your reverb.

Creating hat loops, ride, shakers and random percussion hits.

Pitching your percussion to fit your track.

EQ, Levelling, Effects, Saturation, Stereo Field Positioning.

 Adding movement to your percussion.

 Frequency placement for your percussion.

 Programming random percussion hits from scratch.

 Understanding of why you are creating certain percussion hits.

 Percussion loop selection and processing.

My full thought process behind everything I’m doing and why.

+ Much more!

Full product description [HERE]

Classic Trance Melody & Breakdown Tutorial [003]  2 hours 45 mins 

Classic Trance Melody & Breakdown Tutorial [Audio Preview] ***Limiter used to bring the level up

The video covers:


Creating the Trance lead from scratch.

Creating the musical elements such as Melody, Pads, Bass Effect & Sub Pad from scratch.

Going over melody/riff writing and progressions.

 Creating harmonising pads.

Sound selection and layering.

Creating bass effect from scratch.

 Explaining the sound design and what each bit of the chain is doing (Oscillators, Filters, Chorus, Distortion, Modulation & More).

Adding warmth and character to your leads for a more analog sound.

 Mixing,EQ, Levelling, Effects, Automation, Saturation, Stereo Field Positioning.

Adding movement to your pads.

Laying your breakdown out and introducing elements.

 Utilising the bass from intro in your breakdown.

 Tricks to add a more organic analog feel.

My full thought process behind everything I’m doing and why.

Tweaking your sounds for a nice clean build.

+ Much more!

Full product description [HERE]

Classic Trance Atmosphere FX Tutorial [004] – 1 hour 35 mins

Classic Trance Atmosphere FX Tutorial [Audio Preview] ***Limiter used to bring the level up

The video covers:


Showing you the fundamentals of creating a squelchy atmosphere kind of FX so you can create your own easily.

Creating different FX from scratch.

How a bass rise effect is created.

Understanding what the modulation does to the FXs.

Getting your FX to work with each other musically and in the mix.

Mapping your parameters to different forms of modulation.

Creating darker fx hits.

Explaining the sound design and what each bit of the chain is doing for the FX.

My creative thought process and everything I am doing and why.

Mixing, EQ, Levelling, Effects, Modulation Mapping, Stereo Field Positioning.

+ Much more!

Full product description [HERE]

Classic Trance Intro Leads & FX Tutorial [005] – 1 hour 30 mins

Classic Trance Intro Lead & FX Tutorial (Audio Preview of Intro leads with other elements from series and then Intro leads with FX at the end) ***Limiter used to bring the level up

The video covers:


Creating Intro Lead and Intro Lead Teaser.

Intro Lead Sound Design and Automation.

Creating the Intro Lead patterns.

Understanding the purpose of each of the Intro Lead elements.

Creating background FX, whispers and risers with your own voice!.

Understanding the FX & Intro Lead placement to work nicely in your mix.

Processing chains for the FX.

Creating your own rise and fall sweeps from scratch.

Understanding the reasoning behind each plugin added.

My creative thought process and everything I am doing and why.

Mixing, EQ, Levelling, Effects, Stereo Field Positioning.

+ Much more!

Full product description [HERE]

Classic Trance Arrangement, Automation & Transitions Tutorial [006] – 2 hours 50 mins

Classic Trance – Arrangement, Automation & Transitions Tutorial [Audio Preview] ***Limiter used to bring the level up

The video covers:


Tips for making the arrangement easier.

Laying out the full track ready for a final mixdown.

Understanding why each element is brought in when it is.

Testing different elements to get the best outcome.

Going through each transition.

Using automation to create builds & impacts.

Noticing automation issues in the mix and when to change them.

Using automation to keep the track interesting and help with the mix of your track.

Understanding how the elements before and after your transition can make a difference to the flow of your track.

The direction in which way you can automate for a desired effect (building/winding down)

What parameters you can automate to create more tension.

Deciding what to automate in relation to the elements of that section and what is coming up next.

Creating snare rolls along with the automation used to help create tension.

Getting a Classic Trance style arrangement.

Deciding which elements to use to tell a story and create tension.

Laying out your breakdown, build-ups, and drops.

A deep understanding of the thought process behind each change I make.

Filtering & ways to introduce elements.

+ More

Full product description [HERE]

Classic Trance Mixdown & Master Tutorial [007] – 2 hours 10 mins

The 9 x videos cover:


Gain staging & setting up for your mixdown

Tips for not over-processing your mixdown.

Tips for analysing your mix.

Tweaking your kick and bass for more clarity and drive.

What to be listening out for in your kick & bass to get the best sound possible.

Kick, Bass and Trance Leads relationship in your drops.

Adding a bit more movement in your leads.

Fixing phase cancellation.

The thought process behind levelling certain elements in your mix.

Different ways to add width to your mix while not phasing.

EQing your elements depending on the area in which they are playing.

Ducking elements for cleaner transitions.

Tightening certain elements to help other areas of the mix.

Mixing, Levelling, Placement & EQ of each section.

Though process behind the levels of certain sounds.

Little tweaks I make and why I am doing it.

Things to think about when it comes to wet levels on FX etc.

Cleaning up your headroom for better, and louder masters.

The full thought process behind each mixing decision, and why certain areas of done in a particular order.

Mastering your track and the thought process behind mastering a track in this style.

Mastering EQ, Stereo Imaging, & Limiting.

+ Much more!

Trance Mixdown Chapters:

001 Preparing For Your  Mixdown Tools and tips that you can use to help find mix issues while making your mixdown process easier.

002 Gain Staging Gain staging your elements for a cleaner mix.

003 Kick & Leads Mixing the foundation and the leads to make sure they sound thick and full in the drop and breakdown and areas to also look out for to get the most drive out of your drop.

004 Pads Making sure that your pads are mixed nicely with your leads and what I am listening for when getting the leads to sit nicely with the pads.

005 Atmosphere FX Finding any mixing issues that may be apparent with your atmosphere FX.

006 Percussion Mixing and fixing phase cancellation issues with your percussion.

007 FX An in-depth look into each of the effects, ensuring they are sitting correctly in the mix.

008 Final Tweaks – Monitors A final listen on the monitor to tweak any areas that may not have been picked up in the headphones.

008 Mastering Mastering the final mix and giving it that final polish.

Your Tutor

Allan Morrow – International Trance DJ/Producer. Tracks signed to labels such as Armada, Blackhole Recordings, Discover Records, FSOE, Kearnage Recordings, Mental Asylum Records, Pure Trance, Outburst Records & Many more!

I don’t use Logic Pro I use a different DAW. Can I still use this course?

Yes, all the techniques you will learn in these videos can be implemented into your own DAW using your own unique DAWs plugins.

What software synths or plugins are used in this video?

  • Logic Pro X & stock plugins. (Please note you can replace this with your own DAW & plugins)
  • Zebra 2 (This can be replaced with a synth of your choice)
  • Artsacoustic Reverb (This can be replaced with your own reverb)
  • LFO Tool
  • Izotope Vinyl (Free Plugin)
  • Voxengo SPAN (Free analyzer plugin)
  • Ozone 8 (For the mastering stage only. Please note you can use any limiter, stereo imager or EQ of your choice)

***Please note – You can use any synth/plugins or DAW of your choice to follow along with this tutorial.  

Grab your copy now and start making your productions shine! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Dan F
Superb as usual

This course is chock full of good information. I bought this as part of Alan's summer sale to bolster my learning. I grew up listening to trance between 1997 to 2000 and there were so many good producers out then, I wanted to learn how to make that style of trance. I'm so glad I got this as I learned how to do that and picked up even more great tips that I didn't even know existed. This course is vital for anyone that has an interest in this style or just wants this to pick up those extra little nuggets of info you won't find elsewhere, thanks Alan! You've smashed it yet again!

Paul Jarrett
Brick wall removed

Wow, I was so sceptical about this but took the plunge with the whole course. Completed the first video (kick and bass) literally yesterday and I learned more than I ever expected to. I have set myself a timeline of spending 1 week playing with what I’ve learnt before moving onto the next giving me a 9 week project. Superb.

Geir Breimo

Like sitting on a Masters lap watching every step og the process. Sometimes it gets a bit detailed so requires patience and it would have been nice to stop and get an overview of the goal, the song structure and what layer goes where in the structure. It gets there in the end of cause so it's just the way he works but sometimes it's hard to see the woods for all the trees. Recommend this to anybody who is serious about production and there's lots to learn to use in other genres as well.

Daniele Framarin
Classic Trance Production Course - Start To Finish

I just started the course, I think it's very interesting, I ma learning a bunch of things. Go on....If I have to suggest something, I will explain a bit slower and let people see well some processes (for example the change of velocity automatically up or down). If possibile I will introduce some subtitles at least in English language.
I will let you know more when I listen to the next lessons. Bye

Classic trance course

Great course with lots of great wisdom wish it was done with less logic pro plugins but easy to follow along nonetheless

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